Can Robot Bands Save the Music Business?

Yes, we all agree that machines will someday become self-aware, then rise up and enslave whichever parts of humanity aren't brutally dismembered during the ensuing robo-mêleé — but what of their short-term benefits? Gizmodo today directs us to the MySpace page of the Trons, a Velvet Underground–y garage-rock combo of four robots from New Zealand. And, as much as it terrifies us to admit this, they're actually pretty good. Sure, their lyrics may be in a made-up robot language, but so are most of Lou Reed's. Also, they're polite, not prone to drug addiction or annoying in-studio experimentation, and if they ever try to record a concept album, they can simply be unplugged. Can robots save recorded music? (Before they kill everyone, that is.)

Robot Band is at Least as Good as Coldplay [Gizmodo]
The Trons [MySpace]

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