Chris Martin’s Self-Deprecation Is Almost As Insufferable As His Music

Photo: Getty Images

"Like millions of people in the world, I can't listen to Coldplay." Chris Martin [LAT]

"I'm a teleporter … I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. Boom, boom, boom!" —Black Eyed Peas rapper Will.I.Am on his character in the upcoming film X:Men Origins: Wolverine [MTV]

"I think I'm more comfortable with it. I know what my strengths are, and you just can't compete with Steve's ass." Anne Hathaway on being competitive with Steve Carell [Reuters via Yahoo]

"I always bare my breasts." Keira Knightley [People]

"Country music is the most underrated music in the world." — Is Snoop Dogg still trying to get into LeAnn Rimes's pants? [People]