Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Dead in Desemboque’

Pocket-size historietas — pulp comic books — sell millions of copies every month in Mexico. Now novelist and musician Eddy Robert Arellano has written an English-language historieta, following Eddy, our hero, down to Sonora, where he chases after a dama named Juanita … and just could end up Dead in Desemboque.

With three separate stories drawn by three separate artists — William Schaff, Richard Schuler, and Alec Thibodeau — Dead in Desemboque comes out this month from Soft Skull Press. Today on the Comics Page, we're proud to present an excerpt from the first story, drawn by Schaff.

Dead in Desemboque, by Eddy Robert Arellano, art by William Schaff, Robert Schuler, and Alec Thibodeau