Filmmaker David Munro Makes a Darker ‘Coneheads’

Back at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, we took notice of a surreally heartwarming, very funny little feature called Full Grown Men, directed by one David Munro. It finally comes to theaters next week, after having won the 2007 IndieWire Undiscovered Gems award this past January. In honor of its release, here is Munro’s awesomely strange 1993 short, Bullethead, a startling little film about a boy who is surgically altered to become “the world’s most aerodynamic human.” It’s not exactly a comedy, however — more like a cross between early David Lynch and mid-period Ingmar Bergman (complete with Scandinavian nurses!). It also offers further proof that its director is one wonderfully sick and talented dude. —Bilge Ebiri