Is Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’ in Trouble?

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Despite what the makers of Valkyrie might have you believe, release-date delays aren't typically the surest sign of a studio's confidence in a film's quality. So, it sort of bums us out a little to learn that Warner Bros. has moved the opening of Richard Kelly's hotly anticipated box-related thriller The Box from its previously scheduled opening next February all the way to September 11, 2009, according to We're not saying February would've been all that much better (fact: No decent movie in history has ever been released before April), but at least it would've given Kelly fans the chance to forget about Southland Tales (and the director's cut of Donnie Darko) seven months sooner. Presumably Warner just wanted to avoid seeing the film get crushed at the box office by Valkyrie (which, until the next announced delay, is still being released in February).

Richard Kelly's THE BOX Gets a Release Date? [Collider via Cinematical]