Latest Leaks Indicate Axl Rose Is Really Making Progress on ‘Chinese Democracy’

Photo: Getty Images

Taking the Internet by surprise last night, Website Antiquiet began streaming nine tracks purportedly from a completed version of Guns N' Roses' oft-delayed opus Chinese Democracy. Since the band's lawyers are slightly faster at doing their jobs than Axl Rose is at doing his, the site got slapped with a cease-and-desist and the songs were quickly removed. Luckily, though, kindly pirates have posted them to YouTube and made them available on their blogs for your downloading pleasure.

Previous versions of six of the tracks surfaced in 2006, but they now feature string arrangements and extra tambourine, so clearly these past two years have not gone to waste. None of the new songs make any major departures, except for one that sounds like "Theme From Shaft" played at half-speed. We're not sure anything feels done, necessarily, but the album is certainly coming along and we wouldn't be surprised if, in another year or two, Axl is ready to leak another set of unfinished demos.

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