Lindsay Lohan Hilariously Withdraws Name From Emmy Consideration

Bad news for Emmy voters: You will not have the opportunity to vote for Lindsay Lohan this year. Oh, we know. Lindsay played the hell out of her four lines in the season finale of Ugly Betty (see above), but she's decided not to submit her name for award consideration. And it's not because her character is being written as a boring, self-absorbed harpy, either.

Look, Lindsay knows she's talented. She knows that in those four lines, she probably made such an impression that voters will be scanning their ballots and asking, "BUT WHAT OF LINDSAY LOHAN?" She knows it seems like she's owed an Emmy after not even being nominated for her 2004 appearance on That 70's Show. Even though two of her four lines were "Betty!" and "That's okay," she knows there are no small parts, only very small odds of winning an Emmy, which is what everyone else would have had if she hadn't withdrawn from the race. This whole thing makes us hope Britney Spears wins for her work on How I Met Your Mother (hilariously, Britney did submit her name for consideration) just so we can start a big fight about how it's just like the 1980 summer Olympics and Britney wouldn't have won if Lindsay hadn't stayed home. —Linda Holmes

Lindsay Lohan didn't submit herself for an Emmy — but Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Mary-Kate Olsen are in the race [Gold Derby/LAT]