Maroon 5 Rock the Hell Out of ‘Good Morning America’

Photo: Lauren Salazar

We're not ashamed to admit that Good Morning America's Morning Concert Series is one of our summertime pastimes (it is arguably, by the way, less crowded than the Today show performances) — or that today at 8:30 a.m. we made our way to Bryant Park to witness Maroon 5, with their suntans, shades, and shagga-rific hairstyles, serenade lucky fans and commuters. The band opened with "If I Never See Your Face Again," joined not by Rihanna, guest vocalist on the album, but the aroma of freshly cut grass instead. Between songs Adam Levine's lucky makeup artist mopped the sweat from his brow and retouched his face as he flashed the thumbs-up to stagehands and joyous front-row tweens. Things, however, took a turn for the odd as balloons of various shapes were released: stars, peace signs — and crosses (which you can check out after the jump) that made us wonder whether someone was trying to tell us that God loves Maroon 5 and the squeaky-clean crowds they attract. (A television producer, perhaps?) Between the crosses and Levine constantly throwing his thumbs up, we were reminded of “Buddy Jesus” from Dogma. Our musings, though, were interrupted by young girl's gleeful cry of "It's the broken-smile song!," the opening bars of "She Will Be Loved," and a massive crowd sing-along that was probably heard up in heaven. —Lauren Salazar