‘Miracle at St. Anna’ Trailer: Spike Lee Goes to War

Tagline: "In World War II, there were heroes and miracles."

Translation: You know, all the stuff happening in the background in Clint Eastwood's WWII movies.

The Verdict: Given recent events, it's hard not to see the new trailer for Spike Lee's Miracle at St. Anna as a rebuttal to Eastwood's perceived whitewashing of WWII in Flags of Our Fathers. It's also hard not to see it as a surefire, all-bases-covered Oscar contender (after we figured Lee had given up on that sort of thing): There's war! Nazis! Prison drama! Forbidden romance! Civil rights! Religious unrest! Dying children! Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a tough-talking grown-up! Additionally, it looks really, really great, and we kind of can't wait to see it.