9 Million Americans Exposed to ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ Trailer

Tagline: "Chihuahua!"

Translation: "Chihuahua!"

The Verdict: It's all well and good that Wall-E had a $62.5 million jackpot at the box office, but the American moviegoer paid a stiff price for his rare good taste this weekend. No sooner had we taken our seats on Saturday night than we were assaulted by the trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which immediately became the most hideous trailer ever to accompany a future Best Picture winner. Though the trailer's been online for several months — it's even engendered a smattering of “2 Girls 1 Cup”–style reaction videos — it still took us by surprise. We sort of knew in the back of our mind that Beverly Hills Chihuahua existed, but in the same way that you know your spouse probably picks her nose but hope not to be proven right, we never expected to be faced with an army of singing Chihuahuas marching down the steps of an Aztec pyramid. Sure Wall-E was great, America … but was it worth it?