Now That George Lucas Thinks About It, ‘Indiana Jones 4’ Was Sort of a Dumb Idea

Photo: Getty Images

"I mean, why do we have to make another Indiana Jones? There was no point to it, other than, gee, this might be fun." George Lucas [NYT]

"Well, he'll meet the people of the crust to which he ought to become accustomed. He'll make connections, hopefully. Find out where to invest after I'm gone." Matthew Broderick on taking his 5-year-old son to the Hamptons [LAT]

"I'm the Prime Minister, for real. I run things. I am the streets. If anybody tells you differently, they lying." Young Jeezy on his new mix tape, The Prime Minister [MTV]

"During the years [in which The Wackness is set], I was off in Europe with Steven Spielberg filming Schindler's List. I was off in Paris with Death and the Maiden. I came to hip-hop fresh." Ben Kingsley [NYP]

"I play a fetish club promoter, who's a bisexual Oxycontin addict with a Mohawk — I just roll out of bed and the shoe fits." Jason Bateman on his role in the upcoming State of Play [NYDN]