‘Quantum of Solace’ Trailer: We Hope You Were Paying Attention During ‘Casino Royale’

Tagline: "I was always very interested to meet you. I heard so much about you from Vesper."

Translation: Who?

The Verdict: Casino Royale gave the 007 series a welcome shake-up by introducing Daniel Craig as a "Bond who bleeds" — but are we ready for a Bond who remembers? Quantum of Solace will purportedly pick up a few minutes after the ending of Royale, and in it Bond will apparently seek revenge for the death of that film's love interest (she had brown hair, we think). This could be problematic if you, like us, tend to forget the silly, negligible plots of these things the minute after they're over; will filmmakers actually expect us to recall things from a previous movie? We vaguely remember a poker game and a chase sequence, but that's about it. Presumably there was a super-villain bent on hatching some sort of wacky scheme, but that's purely speculation. Luckily Quantum will also feature the usual explosions, stunts, and boats jumping over other boats, the enjoyment of which would not seem to depend on your having paid attention during the preceding film (we hope).