‘Religulous’ Trailer: Bill Maher, the Less-Subtle Borat

Tagline: "From the studio that brought you Fahrenheit 9/11 and the director of Borat…"

Translation: Attention flag-burning sodomites!

The Verdict: In Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen made ordinary red-state Americans look silly by blundering through driving lessons and bringing poo to dinner parties. In Religulous, his upcoming documentary about organized religion, Bill Maher will apparently try for similar results by mocking people directly to their faces. As occasional watchers of his HBO show Real Time, we'll admit he can be funny — just not typically in his man-on-the-street interviews, in which he usually looks completely uncomfortable; sadly, these appear to make up the bulk of Religulous. Still, Borat helmer Larry Charles's involvement bodes well, as long as it doesn't mean there's a scene with Bill Maher wrestling someone naked.