Richard Griffiths Harbors No Illusions About His Winkle

Photo: Getty Images

The West End’s Equus is coming to Broadway this fall, starring Harry Potter castmates Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe, and both were on hand as presenters at last night's Tony awards. We ran into Griffiths — better known to Potterphiles as Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley — backstage. He told us his young co-star is an impressive actor these days but, ever the Muggle, offered this assessment of Radcliffe's early work: “He started off as a child who happened to look right … And if you watch the first [Harry Potter] picture or two, it was pretty undemanding stuff. He didn’t have to do much except just look and be there.” But what does he think about Radcliffe’s nude scene in Equus? "I guess that sells a lot of
tickets. It’s very sad. I like to think they all come to see me, but they didn’t come to see my winkle, that’s for sure." —Mina Hochberg