RZA, Kim Gordon, and Albert Hammond Jr. Make You a Summer Playlist

Photo: Getty Images

What jams are rocking RZA's iTunes these days? And what beats are bumping in Albert Hammond Jr.'s ride? In this week's magazine, we asked members of five New York bands (also including Free Kitten's Kim Gordon, the Jealous Girlfriends' Alex Lipsen, and Pistolera's Sandra Lilia Velasquez) to make playlists for classic New York summer activities. Then Vulture tirelessly uploaded all the tracks to Muxtape for your listening pleasure. Hear all five playlists, after the jump!

• RZA's "Staten Island Ferry Ride" playlist [Muxtape]

• Albert Hammond Jr.'s "Upstate Weekend" playlist [Muxtape]

• The Jealous Girlfriends' "Prospect Park Picnic" playlist [Muxtape]

• Free Kitten's "Road Trip" playlist [Muxtape]

• Pistolera's "Block Party" playlist [Muxtape]

Master Playlists [NYM]