Scarlett Johansson No Longer Responsible for World’s Weirdest Tom Waits Cover

Photo: Getty Images

1. Kirk Hammett, Gogol Bordello, and Les Claypool, "Big in Japan" (Tom Waits cover)

A gypsy punk band, the guitarist from Metallica, and rock's most eccentric bassist make an unlikely crew to cover a Tom Waits classic, but it's not like there hasn't been precedent for that lately. [Here Comes the Flood]

2. Metallica, "Nothing Else Matters (Tiedye Remix)"
If all the therapy in Some Kind of Monster had actually worked, you'd get this laid-back groovy elevator-disco version of one of their mid-period hits. [Bibabidi]

3. Bill Callahan, "John Tyler: Hindsight Falls on Deaf Ears"
Bill Callahan turns in this great Smog track about our tenth president for a project which seeks to pair every one of our 43 commanders-in-chief with their own tribute song. Guns N' Roses have reportedly started work on number 44; they're hoping for a two-term president, so they'll have time to finish it before he leaves office. [Pitchfork]

4. The Bug feat. Warrior Queen, "Poison Dart (Skream Remix)"
This remix of the Bug's "Poison Dart" — full of paranoia and dubby menace — is even deadlier than the original. [Get Weird Turn Pro]

5. Backstreet Boys, "Everybody (Headshotboyz Remix)"
A great low-end and some spooky organs won't make the Backstreet Boys scary, but it will make them danceable, and we suppose that's a big enough accomplishment to make this remix worth a listen. [Scatterblog]