Seann William Scott Can Dish It Out, But He Can’t Take It

Photo: Getty Images

"Man, that movie was so bad. I managed to watch about 15 minutes of it before I gave up. Billy Bob Thornton didn't ever watch it." —Seann William Scott on Mr. Woodcock [Female First]

"If there was police on my ass, I would have beat you all!" —Snoop Dogg after losing to Michelle Trachtenberg in a drag race [NYDN]

"It's probably a little unfair to call Joe a 'space filler,' but we certainly had a need to fill in the morning." Jeff Zucker on Joe Scarborough [NYT]

"The less I know about them, the better, because then I can just have my own unfiltered image of them, and whatever they do publically, for me, can just work its magic. When we get burdened by people at Starbucks, it just takes away from that mystery." Gavin Rossdale would like you to know that you're killing his aura [MTV]

"I don't know if he was 11 at that point. I think maybe 15. But [he was] definitely a little kid and doing little-kid things: eatin' candy bars and drinking Hawaiian Punch." Jonathan Mannion on photographing Lil Wayne in 1999 [MTV]