Seth Rogen to Play the Green Hornet, the Last ‘Unlikely Superhero’

Photo: Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty
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There was a time (about two months ago) when the casting of the once-uninsurable, formerly incarcerated (though hip and clearly non-portly) Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man still sounded a little crazy — maybe not as unfathomable as Michael Keaton playing as Batman, but certainly an unorthodox choice to bet a potential franchise on. Now, though, Sony has green-lit Seth Rogen's long-discussed Green Hornet movie, in which Rogen will somehow fight crime as the titular (presumably out-of-breath) masked avenger. EW describes it as "what may be the most unlikely superhero movie yet," as does pretty much everyone else. We hope everybody gets it out of his system now, because this will be the last time the "unlikely superhero" descriptor is ever likely to work for anything. After this, we'd probably buy Jonah Hill as the Flash.

Seth Rogen's 'The Green Hornet' gets a green light [Hollywood Insider/EW]

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