Steve Carell Signs Up for Three More Years at ‘The Office,’ Buying Three More Years of Our Goodwill

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Though he's currently riding high-ish on Get Smart's box-office-topping (though semi-unspectacular) $39.2 million opening weekend, Steve Carell has re-upped his contract on The Office, according to Ricky Gervais's blog. "Steve Carell (now one of the most bankable film stars in the world) has just signed up for another three years with us," says Gervais. "He is the hardest working man in Hollywood and the harder he works the better it is for me."

At first we were slightly surprised to hear this, but, really, it's a pretty shrewd move on Carell's part. His work as Michael Scott hasn't hampered his ability to star in movies, and at the same time it's allowed us to still find him hilarious even after those movies turn out to be Get Smart and Evan Almighty. Wouldn't it be great if the secret Office spinoff was another smartly written workplace comedy on which Mike Myers, Jack Black, and Eddie Murphy could atone for all of their crappy movies?

Had some great news today about the American version of The Office [Ricky Gervais]