Stevie Wonder Didn’t Know So Many People Were Licking and Sucking

Photo: Getty Images

"The good thing about satellite radio is that there's a freedom of expression that happens. I'm not going to let my kids listen to raw (stuff), but I might a little. (Sings a little bit of Lil Wayne's "Lollipop.") I didn't know so many people were licking and sucking … it's all over the place!" Stevie Wonder [AP via Yahoo]

"That's an actor's dream to have your actual face up there. I thought, 'Maybe I'll be the last one to ever be live in a Pixar movie and then I'll be kind of a trivia question." Fred Willard on his role in WALL-E [Parade]

"He's the most insincere car salesman I could think of." —WALL-E director Andrew Stanton on casting Fred Willard [Cinema Blend]

"I ain't back down. I ain't scared of dude or nothing like that. I just told him how I felt when he spoke on me. This ain't no beef or drama. I'm 17 years old and he's I-don't-know-how-old." Soulja Boy on Ice-T [MTV]

"Recently I was sitting at a restaurant here in Hollywood and a couple of girls who I didn't know were talking with us, and one of them leaned over to my buddy and asked, 'Is your friend a porn star?'" —Swingtown's Grant Show on his mustache [TV Guide]