‘The Dark Knight’ Fake Newscast Gives Anthony Michael Hall a Job

If, like us, you're not a regular watcher of USA Network's The Dead Zone, it's possible the last time you saw Anthony Michael Hall onscreen was in Six Degrees of Separation — which, God help us, came out in 1993. But Hall has a role in The Dark Knight, as Gotham City newscaster Mike Engel, and Hall shows up in this fake Crossfire-type show — airing now on Comcast cable systems, apparently — with several other characters from Gotham, including Harvey Dent's sycophantic campaign manager. This is one of those viral-video marketing ideas that seems great when someone describes it to you but gets a little boring when you watch it all the way through. (It's news! But fake! And not funny!) It's worth checking out, though, for the political intrigue — and for our dear sweet Farmer Ted, finally all grown up.

Update: Apparently Warner Bros. does not want you to watch their advertisements, as they've taken the video down. Try a YouTube search.

Gotham Tonight With Mike Engel [YouTube via /Film]