Tony Shafrazi Puts Art on Top of Art, and Other Culture Highlights From the Magazine

Photo: James Walton / Courtesy of Tony Shafrazi Gallery

In this week's issue of New York, Vulture's Dan Kois checks in with Dash Shaw, graphic novelist of the year. Which new books are worth the hardcover price? New York investigates. David Edelstein on The Incredible Hulk: "It’s like the projectionist left out a reel." Sara Cardace is your guide to the New York Asian Film Festival. Jerry Saltz visits "Who's Afraid of Jasper Johns?" at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. Alexandra Lange annotates Buckminster Fuller's "Dymaxion Dwelling Machines." Brian Thomas Gallagher gets up close and personal with pantsless subway patrons Improv Everywhere. And John Leonard reviews (and likes!) USA's In Plain Sight.