‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ Trailer: Woody Allen Is Not Going to Be Happy About This

Tagline: "I'd like to invite you both to spend the weekend. We'll eat well, we'll drink wine … we'll make love."

Translation: Never mind the PG-13 rating — the people whose job it is to market Vicky Cristina Barcelona would like you to know that it's infinitely more threesome-centric than its director might let on.

The Verdict: Clearly Woody Allen is on vacation this week, since the threesome-loathing auteur would never in a million years have signed off on this trailer, or the just-revealed poster, which makes it look like his new film is about nothing but threesomes. Hilariously, though, the Weinstein Company, which paid for Vicky Cristina Barcelona, certainly would! As far as we can tell, the plot follows Javier Bardem's Juan Antonio as he attempts to initiate a three-way with Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall. Hall, obviously playing the neurotic, ménage-à-phobic Woody Allen character, isn't into it; luckily, though, Penélope Cruz shows up (presumably within the first ten minutes), and it's off to the races. Sorry, Woody, but this movie might actually turn a profit.

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