Brad Pitt’s Imminent Paternity to Further Complicate Timely Completion of Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’?

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It's July 9, 2008, which means there's only a little over ten months until next year's Cannes Film Festival and the promised premiere of Quentin Tarantino's long-awaited WWII movie, Inglorious Bastards. Yesterday afternoon, Nikki Finke reported that Tarantino had finally finished the screenplay and sent it to studios for possible financing, and now she breaks the news that he's in talks with Brad Pitt to star. And though we like Pitt, it should be obvious to anyone that his casting would likely be an unmitigated disaster for a production that's already way behind schedule — the actor is currently holed up in France awaiting the birth of twins (we hear they're not due until August) and he's soon scheduled to start shooting Darren Arnofsky's The Fighter, meaning the earliest he could possibly arrive on set for Bastards would be months from now.

Also, why would Tarantino announce the possible casting of a highly bankable (though temporarily unavailable) actor today? Is it because he's seeking financing for Bastards from major studios and he simply wants to allay their fears that he might envision it as a starring vehicle for David Carridine or Michael Madsen or something? We hope so! Then, once he has the money (one hopes by tomorrow or Friday), he can fill the lead role with Madsen, as planned, and get principal shooting over with in the next couple of weeks — just in time to add special effects, edit the thing, and get a workable print ready for Cannes. Hurry up, Quentin! It'll be May before you know it!

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