Breaking Culture News: Jackie Chan Museum Set to Open in Shanghai

Photo: Getty Images

Jackie Chan reports on his official site that he recently started construction of the Jackie Chan Museum in Shanghai. The museum will allow visitors to study the full Chan-ography and fondle — or at least stare at — his costumes and props. Don't miss the Balsa Wood Ladder Room! Thrill to the Virtual-Reality Drunken Master Adventure! While it's unlikely that a single monument can fully capture a guy's entire career, it's probably going to be a better tribute to him than the inevitable Rush Hour 4. And finally a museum exists in which dodging falling artworks is an attraction, not a glitch!

We hope to see this trend embraced worldwide and eagerly await the opening of the Jennifer Aniston Museum, which will feature a coffee cup, a shoe, and the Hall of Hair, where visitors can view hundreds of framed pictures of "The Rachel." —Linda Holmes

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