Christian Bale Arrested; Police: ‘We Thought He Was the Batman’

Photo: Getty Images

According to news reports, Dark Knight star Christian Bale has been arrested. Our first thought was that the movie's ending had wormholed into the real world and Gotham police had finally caught up to the Bat-Cycle, but this is an unrelated case. Bale is being held by London police based on allegations of assault filed by his mother and sister; whether it's true or not, the case is a blow to people like us who had previously thought that Bale was sort of normal for a movie star. The arrest does not, however, put a Batman sequel in danger, since with $150 million–plus this weekend for The Dark Knight, another Batman movie is as inevitable as the tides. Warner Bros. already has to deal with the most interesting actor in The Dark Knight being tragically dead; the arrest of the movie's fifth-most important character is barely a blip.

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