Did Katherine Heigl’s Crappy Attitude Rob ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ of an Emmy Nomination?

Photo: Getty Images

As anticipated, Katherine Heigl's stuntish withdrawal of her name for Emmy consideration succeeded in preventing her from being nominated this morning (astonishingly, a write-in vote failed to materialize). What's actually surprising, though, is that her massively popular, critically tolerated show Grey's Anatomy failed to win a nod as Outstanding Drama Series, a category in which it's been recognized for the past two years. Could the controversy around Heigl really have killed its chances? How upset are the show's producers now that they'll have to settle for a couple of Supporting Actress nominations (for Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson) and ones in the competitive Outstanding Makeup (prosthetic and non) categories? Yesterday it was reported that Grey's writers were thinking about killing Heigl's character with a brain tumor this season, but, in light of today's news, we hope they'll consider sending her on a fast journey down an elevator shaft!

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