Cast of Oliver Stone’s ‘W’ Arrested, Presumably While Filming Hilarious Making-Of Featurette

Photo: Getty Images

Further confirming our hopes that Oliver Stone's forthcoming Bush biopic, W, will indeed be this year's undisputed comedy event, actors Josh Brolin (who stars as our beloved president) and Jeffrey Wright (who's playing Colin Powell), along with several crew members on the film, were arrested during a bar fight on Friday, following a day of shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana. Brolin was apparently released on bail of $344 after a scuffle with an unruly patron at Shreveport's classy-sounding Stray Cat bar.

So does this mean W will feature Borat-style reality stunts? Or was Stone simply trying to get realistic-looking mug shots of the cast for the closing-credit montage? At the very least, the narrative of the movie's making-of featurette will now exactly mirror that of the actual film: alcoholic antics followed, ultimately, by triumph, sort of.

Brolin, Wright, others in film crew arrested [AP]

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