‘Friends’ Movie Practically Definitely Totally Basically Green-lit, Says Some Dude

"I'll be there for you, depending on scheduling and salary negotiations…" Photo: Getty Images

Let the big-screen Friends-watch begin! Citing "insiders," London's Daily Mail declares a Friends movie ready to be shot "in the next 18 months." Will lovable Ross, Rachel, Joey, Courteney Cox, the girl with the guitar, and the gay guy really be making their way to the multiplex soon, presumably in a movie titled The One That's 105 Minutes Long?

The Daily Mail's sources don't really have any evidence to back up their assertion, other than claiming that Jennifer Aniston is interested now, and if she signs, "everything else can fall into place rather quickly." Which is code for, "A Friends movie is no closer to actually happening than it was six months ago, but hey, why not!" And so a nation waits with bated breath for the movie that will, once and for all, answer the question: Could "How you doin'" be any more annoying?

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