‘Ghost Town’ Trailer: We Sure Hope Ricky Gervais Got Paid a Lot of Money for This

Tagline: "Dr. Bertram Pincus: Not a people person. But if he can't stand the living, how will he ever live with the dead?"

Translation: With a huge paycheck, presumably.

The Verdict: We knew Ricky Gervais was probably due for a misstep, but we never thought in a million years he'd make one of those movies about a guy who can see dead people and needs to help them finish their earthly business before they'll stop bothering him, a well-trod film genre that's been producing diminishing returns since Ghost Dad. Will he revive the form? Sadly, it doesn't look like it, as Ghost Town looks eye-searingly terrible. The fact that the trailer's soundtrack includes the actual recording of the Beatles' "I'm Looking Through You" indicates that real money is being spent on this thing; we just hope Gervais got a decent check so he can go back to producing hilarious, non-terrible television shows.