Holy Crap: 50 Cent’s New Video Game Looks Awesome

Admittedly, we've been a little hard on 50 Cent in the past; for all his talk, his most recent album turned out sort of crappy, plus his acting is terrible. But after watching the above video preview of his new video game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, we're actually excited for a Curtis Jackson entertainment product for seemingly the first time in ages. In the game (we are not making this up) 50 Cent performs a concert somewhere in the war-torn Middle East, but, afterward, the show's promoter refuses to pay him in cash and instead gives him a diamond-encrusted skull. On the way to the airport, 50 gets robbed by mysterious attackers, and it's up to him and his weed carriers to reclaim the skull using only rocket launchers, AK-47s, and an endless fleet of tanks and helicopters. It's also a love story, apparently. Why does this guy even bother recording albums anyway?

New 50 Cent Trailer: Still Amazing [Kotaku]