How Should the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writers Kill Off Katherine Heigl?

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Last month, when Katherine Heigl declined to submit her name for Emmy consideration, citing the crappy writing and her diminished role on Grey's Anatomy last season, she had to expect there'd be consequences — and now there will be, probably! According to E! Online, show creator Shonda Rhimes is considering killing off Heigl's character, Izzie, on an upcoming episode. Reps for the show have already issued denials to E! and the L.A. Times, basically confirming that it's definitely going to happen. But how should they do it?

The laws of television dictate that Izzie will probably die in a car crash on this season's finale, tearfully joining her beloved Denny in Heaven, or some such nonsense. But couldn't they make it more interesting? Since Heigl is clearly angling to be let out of her contract (she's reportedly signed for at least the upcoming fifth season) so she can pursue more movie roles, the obvious solution would be to make hers a slow, painful death, keeping her on Grey's against her will — perhaps by inflicting Izzie with some miserable, debilitating, season-long terminal illness (like the one that turns people into trees!) that would hamper Heigl's ability to emote and win another Emmy, even if she wanted to. Still, though, we think there's an even better way.

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