Is ‘Tropic Thunder’ Mockumentary ‘Rain of Madness’ Real?

Okay, fans of Hollywood meta-marketing, get ready. First there was the movie: Tropic Thunder, a big-budget action comedy starring Ben Stiller and Black Robert Downey Jr. Then there was the movie-within-a-movie, the mock war drama whose filming is the subject of actual comedy Tropic Thunder. Now there's a documentary about the movie-within-a-movie, Rain of Madness, which of course is actually a mockumentary. The crack Tropic Thunder marketing team just released this trailer for Rain of Madness, which is very funny and uncannily reminiscent of Hearts of Darkness, Eleanor Coppola's legendary portrait of the catastrophic filming of Apocalypse Now. But is it a real mockumentary, which would potentially be included on the Tropic Thunder DVD? Or is it a mock mockumentary about a movie-within-a-movie? We're sure this movie is gonna be hilarious and all, but right now we need an Advil.

Rain of Madness ["Official" site, but what does that even mean ARRRGH]