James Murphy and Friends Positively Hot at P.S. 1’s Warm Up

Photo: Everett Bogue

P.S. 1’s Warm Up party on Saturday was quite the scene even without the music: Sea breezes swept through the courtyard; babies crawled through the agri-tunnels that are a part of the Public Farm One exhibition; and of course, there was a long line of impatient people waiting up to an hour for $6 cups of Magic Hat. But there was music, courtesy of DFA Records, and it was among the best in the series. Liv Spencer, one half of remix sensations Still Going, spun a killer set, but it was only a precursor to the one that kicked off at twilight, and found James Murphy and Pat Mahoney trading off on adrenaline-infused tracks. There were house beats to be heard, but mostly the pair took it back to 2002 with their signature revival of disco-heavy electro-funk, pumping artists that ranged from the Bee Gees to Moodymann, all to a sea of outstretched arms. An abominable snowman on stilts and his band of merry revelers in neon tribal gear danced suggestively on a nearby rooftop (see the photo after the jump!), but the regular dancing folk showed their freak flags, too — or more accurately, phallic pink balloons. In the spirit of unfettered hedonism, there were, of course, released into the sky. —Lauren Salazar