Quick — What’s the One Movie You’d Want to See Less Than ‘The Love Guru 2’?

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema

If it's Austin Powers 4, you are not in luck! Vulture buddy Nikki Finke has learned that Mike Myers — still hot from the blockbuster success of The Love Guru, which made way less money than even the most pessimistic Myers haters ever expected it to — is currently writing the next installment in the once-popular comedy series. This time out, Finke says, the movie will follow the relationship between Scott Evil (played by Seth Green) and his father, Dr. Evil, and pay homage to Myers's own late father, to whom Love Guru and Goldmember were also supposedly tributes. Despite the grim box-office prospects for non-Apatovian comedies these days, New Line is allegedly "panting" for this thing. Predicted worldwide gross: one meeeeelion dollars.

New Line Panting For 'Austin Powers 4' [Deadline Hollywood Daily]
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