Nintendo Unveils Latest Plan to Make You Look Stupid

You've already thrown a Wiimote through your television set and fake hula-hooped in your underpants on YouTube — could you possibly be any more of an idiot? Astoundingly, yes! At the E3 Media and Business Summit in Los Angeles yesterday, Nintendo announced the details of Wii Music, the company's newest entertainment product designed to make you look like the world's biggest moron. The game, due later this year, will simulate the playing of 50 real instruments, including drums, saxophone, and guitar, asking players to mimic the exaggerated motions of real musicians with the Wii controller (see above video). And unlike Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which at least let you play familiar songs by professional rock bands, it will force you, a total amateur, to create your own music (note: Your music will be bad). How stupid will you look while playing it? Approximately 500 times stupider than you did hauling a tuba to high-school marching-band practice. Will we be purchasing Wii Music on the day it's released? Yes, obviously.

Nintendo Reveals Wii Music - A Band Game Without Plastic Instruments! [Kotaku]