Patrick Leahy Hasn’t Seen a PG-13 Movie in a Long Time

Photo: Getty Images

"No, I wasn't visualizing Dick Cheney. They can't use that dialogue in a PG-13 movie." Patrick Leahy on his cameo in The Dark Knight [NYT]

"I never was able to follow the story. Some people who spent a lot of time hashing it out might have been able to make sense out of everything, but I got lost." Gillian Anderson on The X-Files [NYT]

"I always think Ron was created in the mold of Russian realism sculpture. Meaning the proportions of his hands and his head are just massive." Guillermo del Toro compliments (?) Ron Perlman on being funny-looking [LAT]

"If you want respect, go be a doctor." Brendan Fraser on acting with imaginary monsters [LAT]

"You can't go running after the paparazzi, saying, 'But it's for a movie! It's for a movie!'" Val Kilmer on gaining weight for Felon [NYDN]