Robert Rodriguez to Recast Roles of Red Sonja, Barbarella, and Robert Rodriguez’s Girlfriend

Photo: Getty Images

The New York Post reports today that director Robert Rodriguez and his fiancée, actress Rose McGowan, have split up. While this is terrible news for anyone hoping to see McGowan in any of the three upcoming projects in which Rodriquez had previously insisted on casting his girlfriend (his trouble-plagued Barbarella remake, his just-announced Red Sonja remake, and the TV prison drama Women in Chains he's currently shopping to networks), it's great news for the three lucky actresses who will now fill those roles — or one very lucky actress who gets to date Rodriguez and fill all three.

Barbarella has allegedly been delayed over Universal's demands that Rodriguez find a more bankable fiancée to play the titular astronaut; executives reportedly wanted Jessica Alba, but her chances were sunk when it was discovered she was already married to someone else. Studio heads are now hoping that either Cameron Diaz or Reese Witherspoon happens upon Rodriquez's profile.

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