Sacha Baron Cohen Possibly to Blame for Gay Cage-Fighting Matches in Arkansas

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount

Two separate cage-fighting matches ended in man-on-man kissing in Arkansas last month, upsetting Texarkana audiences lured by $1 beer specials and fueling speculation that the events were a prank staged by Sacha Baron Cohen for his upcoming Brüno movie. Hilariously billed as "Blue Collar Brawlin'," the fights pitted a character named "Straight Dave" against a planted crowd member, but things took an unexpected turn: "The two men stripped down to their underwear, kissed and rubbed on each other," said a Fort Smith police sergeant. Signs posted at the events warned those in attendance that they'd be filmed, and they also inexplicably signed waivers, so it's a safe bet a few will find themselves unexpectedly starring as beer-throwing homophobes when Brüno hits theaters sometime next year.

This, combined with the speculation surrounding other Baron Cohen sightings, makes now the greatest-ever time to pull gay-themed pranks and get tons of attention. We're looking forward to Brüno, but we're probably even more excited to hear about all the drunk dudes kissing at football games and NASCAR events in the hopes of getting on the Drudge Report.

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