‘Surfer, Dude’: Matthew McConaughey Takes Art of Non-Acting to Bold New Heights

Tagline: "I'm not some ass clown in a green room — I'm a surfer, dude."

Translation: Right now someone deeply regrets giving Matthew McConaughey his own production company.

The Verdict: For anyone under the ludicrous impression that being Matthew McConaughey is easy, he has wonderful news: It is! In Surfer, Dude, the first film from the actor's production company j.k. livin' (capitalization is hard work, man), he plays Steve Addington, the titular dude whose lofty, lazy ideals are somehow almost compromised when he's asked to be motion-captured for a video game (amazingly, there is a script and McConaughey had nothing to do with it). Really, though, this looks less like a movie and more like a ploy to have someone else foot the weed bill for a summer (thanks, Anchor Bay!); he and his friends (including Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson) appear to be doing pretty much all the things you assume they do when cameras aren't rolling (it's unclear if any of them knew they were acting in a film). Even so, to a daydreaming employee in an East Coast office governed by an Orwellian mandatory shirt-wearing ordinance, this actually sort of looks like stupid, Netflixable fun.