‘The Rosie Smile-Time Variety Hour’ Coming to NBC?

Photo: Getty Images

Big, big news for fans of deposed The View pooh-bah and Trump-baiter Rosie O'Donnell; she's apparently in talks with NBC for an hour-long prime-time variety show, reports EW's Michael Ausiello. But it's not a given, yet, that such a glorious hour of dancing Kooshes and loudmouthed rants will come to fruition; apparently the network might offer the hour to (gulp) Jay Leno instead. Between these two huge-chinned comedians, we'd take Rosie every time, but Ben Silverman might be belatedly desperate to offer Leno something that could keep him away from ABC and hated "D-girl" rival Steve McPherson. We'll keep our fingers crossed that Leno stays in late-night where we can comfortably ignore him, and Rosie gets the prime-time slot we know she'll yammer her way out of in six months, tops.

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