Parody Site Still Not As Funny As Actual


The latest charge in Paramount's many-headed viral push to market Tropic Thunder in every last corner of the Internet is a new series of fake official Websites advertising the likeness and work of fake actor Tugg Speedman (played in the movie by Ben Stiller). There's a site for Simple Jack, the film in which Speedman plays a Depression-era mentally challenged circus geek, and one for Scorcher, a movie about an ex–Navy Seal who corrects a stoppage of the Earth's rotation with a flame-thrower, but the best is the official site of Tugg Speedman, modeled on the hilariously earnest official site of Tom Cruise, who actually has a cameo in Tropic Thunder, oddly enough. Sadly, though, it's still not quite as funny as the actual Why not? Probably because there's no music. [Official site via Playlist] [Official site]

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The Music on Is Awesome!