Update: Christian Bale Released From Police Custody After Cussing at Former Clown

Photo: Getty Images

Reports this morning indicate that Christian Bale's arrest for assault yesterday came after the actor "cussed at his mother" and "got very loud" on Sunday and, thankfully, not the violent physical altercation we all know Batman is easily capable off. A source for London's Daily Mail says the argument began when Bale's mom — who, as the Mail and others gleefully point out, is a former circus clown — insulted his wife and he "flew off the handle" but "didn't lay a finger on anyone." (Apparently in London, "verbal assault" is a crime, which makes one wonder how it's possible that Liam Gallagher walks the streets a free man.) According to a statement from Bale's lawyer, he cooperated with police and left the station yesterday without being charged.

EXCLUSIVE: Arrested Batman star 'flew into a rage after his mother insulted his wife' [Daily Mail]

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