‘Yes Man’ Trailer: Jim Carrey Forced to Do Another Thing, for a Movie’s Entire Length, for No Apparent Reason

Tagline: This Christmas, Carl is about to discover what he's always been missing.

Translation: Carl is a once-cranky guy whose life will be changed forever by the transformative power of bungee jumping.

The Verdict: In Liar Liar, Jim Carrey starred as a lawyer forced by his son's birthday wish to always tell the truth. Now, in Yes Man, he plays a guy who challenges himself to answer "yes" to every question for an entire year. (Also, in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls he was a pet detective bound by his contract with Warner Bros. to do most of his talking out of his butt.) What inexplicable repeatable action will Carrey be forced to take in his next movie? Will he scuttle his chances at employment when stricken with a mental condition that makes him honestly answer that job-interview question about one's biggest weaknesses? Or have his life ruined when he falls under an ancient curse that mandates he order sweet-and-sour pork every time he enters a Chinese restaurant? That said — and we know this is faint praise — this probably looks like his most promising comedy in more than a decade.