Zack Snyder Promises ‘Watchmen’ Fans Lots of Action-y Things and Probably Some Fight Things

Photo: Getty Images

"I think there's an IV drip of action that takes you through the movie, because there are superheroes that probably do fight things, and there are action-y things that actually happen to them." Zack Snyder [MTV]

"A long song can be as effective as a short one. Look at 'Like a Rolling Stone,' which is like a week long." James McMurtry [LAT]

"It's funny, people's attitude toward sex is so loaded — if you play a murderer, it's rare that somebody will say, 'What does your wife think?'" David Duchovny on playing a sex fiend in Californication [NYDN]

"I do get tired of the Champagne out of women's shoes 'cause it wrecks the Champagne, who are we kidding? You're drinking out of a smelly shoe and I don't know how many bottles of Dom I've ruined. And every time I tell myself, 'Remember, tonight drink it out of just a glass, enjoy it.' Then I get caught up in the moment and I find myself drinking out of a woman's shoe." Will Ferrell [NYDN]

"We didn't feel there was a sitcom written about people on the fringes of society, rather than the good looking, wine bar patronizing, white teeth freaks on sitcoms." Simon Pegg on the origins of Spaced [NYP]

"I think that getting fat was my fortune, really … I said funny things, but I was too unfeasibly handsome (in my youth). They'd go, 'I want to laugh, but I feel funny all over.' Whereas, as I started eating, they started laughing." Ricky Gervais [Female First]