America Admits Mistake As David Archuleta’s Single Makes Historic Chart Debut

Photo: Getty Images

Wronged American Idol runner-up David Archuleta may have lost out to balder, pitchier competition on the show, but he's having revenge on the Billboard singles chart this week. Archuleta's awesome new song, "Crush," landed at No. 2 yesterday, predictably making a laughingstock out of former bartender David Cook, whose own abysmal single, "The Time of My Life," bowed at a measly No. 3 upon its June release. This is only the second time a first single by a runner-up has bested the winner's, the other time being when Clay Aiken beat Ruben Studdard in 2003 (and these days, Studdard isn't even famous enough for Broadway). Both Davids have albums out in November, but barring an increase in the national population of record-buying, tone-deaf cougars, Archuleta's is expected to easily come out on top.

Idol Wild: Archuleta "Crushes" Cook on Charts [E! via Rolling Stone]
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