Are You a Serial Killer? ‘Dexter’ Promotional Website Offers Customized Diagnosis

This is how likely we are to snap and murder Lane. Photo: Courtesy of Dexter's Psycho Therapy

Often, as the fierce rush for posts catches up with us and we're being pressured on all sides to "be funnier" or "use fewer exclamation points," we consider making a career change into something more relaxing, like serial killing. But we wonder: Do we have what it takes to ritualistically slaughter another human being? Thankfully, the publicity team behind the Dexter season-two DVD can answer that question, with Dexter's Psycho Therapy, an online Rorschach test that measures the user's "killer instinct." This scientific test — which will surely cripple the psychiatric industry as it is adopted by police departments nationwide — is only four questions long but is 100 percent accurate, pegging our natural "killer instinct" at 40 percent ("You're very good at hiding your deadly instincts"). It's remarkably hard to game the system, by the way — to get the above result, we had to type "FUCK FUCK BLOOD DEAD BABIES FUCK" in every box.

Dexter's Psycho Therapy [Official site]