Breaking: Rebecca Hall Is in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona,’ Too!

Photo: Courtesy of Weinstein Co.

Quick! Name the stars of Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Did you say Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Scarlett Johansson? So predictable! But which lady is Vicky and which is Cristina? That, friends, is a trick question: ScarJo does, in fact, play Cristina, but Vicky is portrayed by … Rebecca Hall. Yes, the woman's character is in the title of the movie, and yet she's been totally overshadowed by her non-threesome-having co-stars. "I was fully prepared to play a doorman in a Woody Allen film, but when I read the script and realized [it was for the part of Vicky], it was just ridiculous!" she told Variety this week. Well, she might as well be the doorman for the amount of attention she's received. She's not even on the poster! Is it because she's not one of the women involved in the "provocative red-light-drenched photo dark room encounter"?

Well, we can't really blame Woody Allen's hardworking publicist for trying to play up the sexual chemistry between two Hollywood stars — hey, we took the bait — but loyal fans of the director (we mean, really loyal at this point), we urge you to take note of Rebecca Hall too. According to IMDb, she'll appear in the upcoming film version of Frost/Nixon, an untitled Nicole Holofcener project (sadly, not the one with Judd Apatow), and the in-production Brontë. And just today she joined the cast of Dorian Gray. So, yeah, she's hardly a nobody. Which two people does she have to sleep with to get a little attention around here? —Lori Fradkin