Filmmaker Kentucker Audley Says There’s Gonna Be No Dancing


Kentucker Audley’s amiably deadpan slacker romance Team Picture hits DVD this week. It’s a generous, surprisingly engaging look at an aimless young Memphis musician whose listless life is rocked when he meets a new girl. It’s also about a million miles removed from Audley’s early short And He Just Comes Around and Dances With You, an intense, despairing look at obsession and the twisted nature of attraction. Each film is beautiful in its own way, but it kind of boggles our minds that the same filmmaker was responsible for both. (Ignore the different credits on the short — Audley directed this film.) We’re particularly impressed with the elliptical nature of the short; it unfolds in such a way that we’re never quite sure as to the exact nature of the film’s central relationship. Which, of course, makes the whole thing that much more despairing and depressing.