‘Frost/Nixon’ Trailer: Come On, Guys, Frank Langella Doesn’t Sound THAT Much Like Batman


Tagline: "In 1974, President Nixon resigned to hide the truth…"

Translation: …that he was actually a caped crime fighter.

The Verdict: Frank Langella may have won a well-earned Tony for his role as Richard Nixon in Peter Morgan's stage version of Frost/Nixon, but that doesn't mean the blogosphere is happy about his casting in the film version. "Langella is an amazing actor and has the mannerisms down, but he really doesn't look like Nixon," declares /Film this morning, over the just-released international trailer. "Just from watching this," says Videogum, "I learned that Richard Nixon was the inspiration for Batman's voice in The Dark Knight." Fair enough, but everything else looks pretty great and we're perfectly willing to suspend our disbelief for a couple of hours, since we can't really think of any actors ugly or abrasive enough to actually portray Nixon realistically. Come on, who else could they have gotten? Jerry Stiller?